AT&T and BlackRock Alternatives (BlackRock), through a fund managed by its Diversified Infrastructure business, signed a definitive agreement to form a joint venture that will operate a commercial fiber platform. The newly formed joint venture — Gigapower, LLC — expects to provide a best-in-class fiber network to internet service providers (ISPs) and other businesses across the United States.

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Zayo announced a series of expansions to its independent fiber network infrastructure, including continued growth in its long-haul capacity with three new and overbuilt dark fiber routes, 18 new 400 Gbps (400G) enabled routes, and a newly completed Transpacific subsea route connecting the U.S. and Tokyo.

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Lightpath announced a series of significant network expansions across the New York Metro region, in total adding over 300 route miles to Lightpath’s already dense network in the area. These latest expansions were driven by the 5G network rollout of a major wireless provider, and will also serve thousands of additional enterprise, education, and government customers.  

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Critical Systems Realty (1547) has partnered with Harrison Street. Together, the two companies will begin their seventh data center endeavor to purchase the iconic Chase Tower in McAllen, TX, one of the most important Internet exchange locations for telecommunication traffic between Texas and Mexico. 

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New Hope Telephone Cooperative (NHTC) is leveraging the Adtran end-to-end fiber broadband solution to scale its network dramatically. Adtran is helping NHTC launch competitive multi-gigabit fiber broadband services, spend less time on network operations and more time building its brand in a market that is growing rapidly.

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EXA Infrastructure, the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America, will be further investing in the Iberian Peninsula with a second new diverse terrestrial transport route between Spain and Lisbon connecting to EXA’s Spanish backbone. The new northern route will serve increasing customer demand across the Iberian Peninsula connecting to data center hubs across Europe.

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Lumen Technologies has been diligent in responding to business's needs for more network capacity, and recently created the largest ultra-low-loss fiber network in the world. To meet the continuing demand for fiber, Lumen is now investing in another 6 million fiber miles, expected to be installed by 2026.

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Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier) announced two new fully diverse routes from the US into Monterrey, continuing its expansion into Mexico’s markets. These high-capacity routes will provide seamless, reliable connectivity that improves upon legacy cables in the region. As an early leader in open optical networking, Arelion’s routes leverage the latest open optical line systems and support multi-vendor 400G wave capability, including Bright ZR+ disaggregated optics, offering resilient local connectivity and flexible high-speed access to content, application and cloud providers in the US.

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Telxius will give customers on-demand access to redundant subsea cable infrastructure across the Atlantic and Latin America. This collaboration allows Telxius to provide its customers with fully diverse global solutions through submarine cables landing at or nearby NJFX and serve subsea cable restoration needs between cable systems landing at NJFX and the Telxius’ Virginia Beach cable landing station.

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