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Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier) announced two new fully diverse routes from the US into Monterrey, continuing its expansion into Mexico’s markets. These high-capacity routes will provide seamless, reliable connectivity that improves upon legacy cables in the region. As an early leader in open optical networking, Arelion’s routes leverage the latest open optical line systems and support multi-vendor 400G wave capability, including Bright ZR+ disaggregated optics, offering resilient local connectivity and flexible high-speed access to content, application and cloud providers in the US.

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Telxius will give customers on-demand access to redundant subsea cable infrastructure across the Atlantic and Latin America. This collaboration allows Telxius to provide its customers with fully diverse global solutions through submarine cables landing at or nearby NJFX and serve subsea cable restoration needs between cable systems landing at NJFX and the Telxius’ Virginia Beach cable landing station.

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Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier), has a new standard of Ethernet connectivity for enterprise customers, with the availability of 40Gbps EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) bandwidth across its #1 ranked AS1299 global fiber backbone network. Building on recent Arelion network investments, high bandwidth EVPL gives customers the flexibility and reliability of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) with the simplicity and security of private Ethernet network connections.

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Verizon now connects nearly 48% of its cell sites with its own deployed fiber optic cables and is on track to reach about 50% by the end of this year, allowing Verizon wireless customers to take full advantage of Verizon’s peak speeds and robust service offerings. Verizon’s fiber network is the largely invisible foundation that is a key driving force behind providing the reliability and scalability customers need and expect. It is the connective tissue that ties the disparate pieces of the network together and transfers data between a customer and the internet.

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The Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1) Consortium, owner of one of the largest consortium cable systems in the world, selected Infinera’s ICE6 coherent 800G solution to increase its submarine network capacity and provide diverse, resilient connectivity across European, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets. AAE-1’s submarine upgrade will more than double the current capacity, providing in excess of 100 Tb/s, resulting in the largest-scale submarine upgrade in history.

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American Tower Corporation and Verizon Communications Inc. have signed a new overarching lease agreement, facilitating Verizon’s ongoing 5G network deployment across American Tower’s extensive US portfolio of communications sites. The agreement provides a simplified and efficient leasing process through a contractual framework that will drive mutual growth and value over a multi-year period.

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