Harbour Centre, a cornerstone of Western Canada’s digital landscape, proudly announced the launch of Meet-Me-Room 5 (MMR5) — an inaugural step towards a cutting-edge, digital-first complex that integrates both the Harbour Centre and Spencer Building.

Expanding Interconnection Capacity

At a time when demand for robust and expanded connectivity capacity in Vancouver is rising, Harbour Centre’s new MMR5 is set to meet the burgeoning interconnection needs of carriers, cloud providers, network operators and other service providers, both locally and internationally. It will be the conduit between Harbour Centre’s longstanding legacy as Vancouver’s primary interconnection point and the new focal point for the futuristic growth of vital, digital infrastructure in the city, such as the Spencer Building. The expanded interconnection capacity and the strategic footprint opportunities created by MMR5 will reinvigorate Vancouver’s position as an attractive destination for those seeking a launchpad for success in the region’s ever-expanding digital arena.

The new, central MMR5 seamlessly interconnects to Harbour Centre’s existing four MMRs, while directly connecting to the Spencer Building Carrier Hotel. Moreover, MMR5 offers an additional colocation space with secure access to up to 28 cabinets, with a cabinet power density of 10kW+. Most importantly, Harbour Centre is making it simple and affordable for service providers to establish their footprint in MMR5. Until December 31, 2024, all new cross connects in MMR5 will be discounted to USD 75 per cross connect per month. Additionally, existing tenants could benefit from personalized transition plans that will enable them to install their equipment in MMR5’s active and passive rooms at minimal cost.

“The unveiling of MMR5 is a pivotal moment as it represents our firm commitment to transforming Vancouver’s digital landscape for a bright future,” commented Scott Despot, Director of Business Development and Sales at the Spencer Building Carrier Hotel. “We’re not just introducing a new state-of-the-art connectivity hub; in many ways, we’re laying the foundation for a dynamic, digital-first future for the entire region.”

As Vancouver initiates its next wave of innovation, MMR5 positions the Harbour Centre and Spencer Building at the forefront of the region’s digital evolution, offering the telecommunications and service provider sectors unparalleled opportunities for growth and a gateway to a connected, thriving future.

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