Harrisonville Telephone Company (HTC) and Empire Access are utilizing Ribbon Communications’ IP Wave portfolio for their network upgrade and expansion.

"Ribbon has been a trusted partner for many years, supporting us as we strive to provide our customers with innovative products, fast speeds and state of the art features,” said Craig Hern, Vice President of Operations from HTC. “We turned to them for an expandable solution that can keep up with our customers’ increasing bandwidth requirements. We also appreciate the quality of their USA-based technical support teams.”

“Ribbon continues to be the right partner for us,” said Joe Gottwald, VP of Network Operations, Empire Access. “We have long been a customer for their voice services and they were able to offer us the right solutions at the right price when it was time to expand our broadband capabilities, combined with a rapid deployment that allows us to quickly enable our customers to benefit from better broadband solutions.”

HTC is leveraging Ribbon’s NPT IP Routing and Apollo Optical Transport solutions, part of the company’s comprehensive IP Wave portfolio. Empire Access makes use of the same solutions, in addition to the MUSE Domain Orchestration application.

“Businesses and end-users are demanding access to high speed internet solutions and HTC is committed to meeting those needs with state of the art solutions. We’re proud to support them in this process, and to continue growing the relationship as we expand our portfolio,” said Elizabeth Page, Ribbon’s Senior Sales Director, Rural Markets.

“Empire Access serves a critical need for several rural communities in upstate New York,” noted Page. “We’re honored to support its growth and ensure that its customers have access to the communications services today’s consumers and businesses require.”

Architected to enable providers to build and operate multi-layer data and optical networks, IP Wave solutions seamlessly fuse optimized hardware and automation software within an open architecture, and deliver the agility needed to rapidly create and implement innovative new services.

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