Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., a leading global communications infrastructure provider, announced its strategic partnership with Fermaca Networks, a leading provider of long-haul dark fiber infrastructure in Mexico. The partnership will provide the most modern and diverse connectivity between the United States and Mexico.

Fermaca is set to launch a new long-haul dark fiber route in Mexico in 2025, which will be the newest and longest long-haul dark fiber route in Mexico in 20 years. The partnership will leverage this route from Fermaca and Zayo’s redundant route north of the border to provide customers with reliable, secure, and diverse cross-border connectivity.

The route will provide access through Queretaro with a diverse border crossing through El Paso, Texas. Queretaro has emerged as one of the most important data center hubs in Mexico and the broader North American region, with over one billion dollars of investment in the last ten years. As more enterprises establish their operations in the city, there is an increasing demand for advanced network capabilities.

“Our partnership with Fermaca marks an exciting milestone for Zayo as we continue to push the boundaries of connectivity for the digital age,” said Andrés Irlando, president of Zayo. “The expectations for continued growth throughout Mexico are tremendous. We are excited to partner with Fermaca on their investment to deliver the modern IT infrastructure and cross-border connectivity our customers need to stay ahead of the digital curve.”

The partnership will allow Zayo and Fermaca to jointly offer a wider range of best-in-class services to clients in the US and Mexico to help provide the solutions needed to connect their endpoints along the US-Mexico border and to other strategic endpoints on Zayo’s global network.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zayo to deliver greater value and reach to our clients and help them compete in their industries and around the world,” said Daniel Elguea, CEO at Fermaca Dreams. “The combination of Zayo’s network assets in the US and Fermaca’s deep expertise in fiber networks in Mexico enable us to deepen our relationship with clients and give them peace of mind that their data and IT environments are in safe hands.”

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