Arelion launched a new route from Denver to the San Francisco Bay Area, connecting through Salt Lake City and Reno. This new route will serve the demand for high-capacity bandwidth services and diverse, low-latency connectivity options in these booming technology and hyperscale data center markets. Arelion's network now provides enhanced resilience and flexibility, offering seamless edge connectivity through its fourth cross-country east-to-west coast US route.

As an early adopter in deploying open optical networking solutions, Arelion’s new route leverages the latest open optical line systems and supports multi-vendor transponders and coherent pluggable components to deliver multi-terabit scale capacity, enabling 10G, 100G and 400G Wavelengths deliveries with aggressive lead times for the global carrier’s customers.

Arelion’s new Point-of-Presence (PoP) at Flexential’s Centennial campus expands the carrier’s Denver metro reach south, providing low-latency connectivity to Denver’s thriving scale data centers. With this enhanced metro flexibility, Arelion can also fully bypass Denver’s downtown legacy carrier hotels and avoid network congestion, providing added resiliency to its customers.

Arelion’s new PoP at the Switch Citadel campus in Tahoe Reno provides customers a cost-effective site for serving Northern California, with lower energy costs, renewable energy and more reliable connectivity with lower risk of natural disasters compared to some coastal regions.

Utah’s Silicon Slopes region has become a hotbed of tech innovation and investment, attracting billions of dollars in funding. Arelion’s new route will serve the significant bandwidth and diversity requirements of Salt Lake City’s hyperscale demands, providing low-latency access to four core data center campuses in the area.

The global carrier’s new route also provides additional diversity to serve the rich Bay Area data center ecosystem through diverse East and West Bay routing.

“This network investment in Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno and the San Francisco Bay Area is in direct response to our customers’ growing technology demands”, said Wes Cantrall, Head of Sales in North America, Arelion. “We bring additional choices for diversity and high capacity to these regions, enabling us to meet companies’ terabit-scale needs in these evolving markets. Our ongoing commitment to connect growing edge markets across the country is a testament to our dedication to delivering best-in-class services that enable tech business growth in previously underserved regions”.

With its fourth North American east-to-west coast route, Arelion provides enhanced access to its number one ranked Internet backbone, AS1299, as well as the global carrier’s portfolio of leading IP and optical technology services, including high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, Ethernet and IPX services for service providers, content providers and enterprises.

The new route will go live in late Q2 2023.

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