NTT and Macquarie Asset Management entered into a strategic real estate partnership covering NTT’s wholesale facilities across Europe and North America.

With over 1,300 MWs of data center capacity today, including a large development pipeline of a 25% increase in capacity across more than 20 countries and regions globally, NTT is one of the world’s largest data center operators. This strategic real estate partnership provides NTT the opportunity to further accelerate its data center development to take advantage of unprecedented growth in the market as the move to digital continues to grow globally.

Masaaki Moribayashi, president and board director for NTT Ltd., said, “NTT has ambitious plans to build and operate more data centers which our strategic partnership with Macquarie, a globally recognized, long-term, and experienced financial investment partner, will allow us to achieve. NTT aims to provide high-quality services to global companies by maximizing investment efficiency and accelerating data center business investments.”

Moribayashi emphasized that Macquarie understands the company’s vision to enable the growth and innovation of our clients as they are on the process of ongoing development in Europe and North America.

NTT has committed to achieving net-zero emissions across its data center operations by 2030 and across its value chain by 2040. As part of this commitment, NTT aims for its global data center portfolio to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2030, while the operator also continues to focus on enhancing its sustainable design standards and energy efficiency measures.