Windstream Wholesale began the initial work of adding fiber to three routes on its rapidly expanding transport network connecting various cities in New York, Quebec, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The three routes are part of Windstream Wholesale’s ongoing initiative to expand its fiber infrastructure and provide a rich set of high-bandwidth WAN advantages including low-latency transport to major data and international hubs across the US. Diverse routing options also protect networks against outages while delivering coast-to-coast transport, as well as connectivity to thousands of Windstream-lit buildings in the country.

Windstream’s recently announced offerings include dark fiber and lit transport services from the Hillsboro, Oregon ecosystem to Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and beyond. Moreover, there will be access from the Jacksonville and Boca Raton international cable landing stations to all major US data centers and wave services up to 400G will be available.

Windstream Wholesale continues to leverage its new Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON) with efficiency, speed, and diversity in mind, providing a high-bandwidth infrastructure that will enable the digital transformation and innovation needed for today’s rapidly evolving businesses.

In addition to dark fiber and wavelengths, Windstream Wholesale also offers ethernet solutions, MPLS, colocation, and dedicated internet access.

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