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EdgeConneX announced a multi-market expansion strategy in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Miami, Detroit, and Chicago. This will allow the company to provide critical capacity that can support the demand for network, content, and cloud solutions within these cities.

Initially, EdgeConneX will add nearly 20MWs of new capacity across its existing data centers within the six US cities. The expansions will allow major service providers to scale their local cloud, content, network, and other offerings in these North American markets. As a result, this empowers them to meet the growing need for distributed data center capacity.

EdgeConneX already delivers its solution to over 50 facilities located in more than 35 global markets, and it plans to have more capacity expansions on additional markets throughout the US. This will ensure that customers can leverage its additional service ecosystems and network access offerings in their particular area.

"We have always focused on building data centers where, when, and how our customers want the capacity to support their business," comments Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX. "Our strategy of listening to our customers to provide tailored solutions for them that span hyperlocal to hyperscale data centers is what makes us unique. These planned expansions, necessitated by the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data our customers are driving, highlight the accelerating need for digital infrastructure and capacity to best support their customers."

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