ADTRAN announced that TEC, a prominent provider of residential and business services for rural communities in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi, is the first to bring 10G services across the mid-south region. TEC is leveraging ADTRAN’s award-winning Total Access 5000 (TA5000) fiber access platform to deliver robust multi-gigabit services to hospitals, schools, universities and municipalities to enable any person, company or group to fully engage, learn and thrive in a Gigabit Economy.

“Our communities, customers and partners are anxious for the possibilities driven by a 10G service infrastructure; TEC is equipped and prepared to help them fully leverage our network to meet and exceed their expectations,” said James Garner, Vice President of Operations at TEC. “ADTRAN has been our trusted networking partner for fifteen years, consistently delivering the solutions, technology and support we need to grow our business, and to ultimately improve the lives of our customers.”

TEC, formerly known as Bay Springs Telephone Company, was founded in 1923. In 1972, the company united six rural phone companies from Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee and became known as TEC. TEC currently employs 90 people. In 1984, TEC created the long-distance carrier, CommuniGroup. In 2008, CommuniGroup was placed under the TEC brand and since 2017, the company has focused on bringing fiber internet services to all of its rural markets.

Currently, TEC has invested in and maintains approximately 3,700 miles of copper connectivity and over 1,300 miles of fiber-optic cabling in its rural markets and expects to aggressively transition to a 100% fiber network.

Throughout the years, TEC has deployed a wide array of ADTRAN’s solutions to help improve the range and reach of its network. This includes leveraging several applications within the Mosaic Subscriber Suite, which offers the right mix of insight, management and analytics to make device installation, activation and service restoration easier, while improving the subscriber experience.

“In recent years, we have witnessed exponential advancements and growth in the technologies surrounding broadband internet delivery to business and residential customers,” said John Cole, Director of Network Operations at TEC. “Today, we are excited to introduce 10G XGS-PON to TEC service areas. It allows TEC to serve fiber-based broadband services to residential homes and businesses at speeds up to 10G. These speeds are often used by service providers as the primary internet connections that serve thousands of customers. With XGS-PON, we now have the ability to deliver 10G to each building we connect.”

“TEC’s commitment to delivering the network its customers need is demonstrated by its decision to deliver the first 10G network that spans these rural communities,” said Mark Ogden, Regional Vice President of Sales at ADTRAN. “ADTRAN’s commitment to TEC is that we’ll continue to deliver solutions and services they need to help them build their best network today, tomorrow and into the future."

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