In a significant development for the global telecommunications industry, China Mobile International Limited (CMI) and Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) have entered into an interconnection agreement at Capacity Middle East 2024.

This partnership represents a monumental commitment from two of the telecommunications sector's giants to combine their strengths and capabilities, aiming to revolutionize the market with innovative solutions and enhanced services for customers across their respective regions.

The collaboration is set to focus on elevating carrier services and delivering innovative solutions directly to customers, tapping into the vast potential of both companies' technological and service capabilities. By improving carrier services, the alliance intends to offer a more seamless, efficient, and enriched customer experience, leveraging advancements in technology and infrastructure to meet the ever-increasing demands of digital consumers.

Representatives from both CMI and Mobily have expressed their enthusiasm about this new venture, highlighting its potential to not only enhance service offerings but also to lead the way in digital transformation efforts within the industry.

CMI's iConnect ONE (Omni Network Enablement) serves as a comprehensive platform that streamlines services and offers tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of carriers globally. This one-stop-shop approach provides convenient access to voice, SMS, mobile, data and other offerings, as well as value-added business services covering roaming, connectivity, empowering carriers to expand their reach new revenue streams.

This alliance between CMI and Mobily marks a pivotal moment in telecommunications, with both companies set to redefine connectivity and digital services through their collaborative efforts.

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