Nokia announced the launch of a comprehensive 25G PON starter kit solution that can help operators harness new revenue generating 10Gbs+ opportunities.

The 25G PON kit is designed to provide operators with everything they need to accelerate the deployment of high-speed connectivity to businesses. Each kit has the capability to connect up to 10 businesses and is available for immediate shipment.

In today's landscape, 10Gbs business connectivity has emerged as the golden standard in markets worldwide. With 25G PON, operators can leverage their existing fiber assets to deliver true 10Gbs speeds and beyond to businesses, farms, schools, and other enterprises. Accelerating productivity and collaboration, a true 10Gbs service can help organizations to be more competitive and embrace resource-intensive cloud-based applications, virtual reality and AI with unprecedented ease.

The comprehensive 25G PON kit solution paves the way for operators to efficiently capitalize on 10G+ opportunities, today. The 25G PON starter kit bundles in one solution all of the fiber broadband technology needed to deliver 1, 10 and 25G PON services to end-users including line cards, optics and Optical Network Terminals (ONTs).

Geert Heyninck, General Manager Broadband Networks at Nokia, said: “With the 25G PON starter program, we help operators seize the lucrative opportunities presented by 10G+ connectivity. The 25G PON kits are available immediately and provide operators with the tools needed to quickly deploy and capitalize on the growing number of multi-gig broadband services consumers and enterprises seek – all on their existing fiber network.”

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