Nokia has announced the release of a specially designed Fixed Wireless Access receiver for the North American market.

The Nokia FastMile 5G receiver is the best option for underserved suburban and rural locations since it uses a high-gain antenna to deliver high speeds over long distances.

The receiver supports a broad range of 4G and 5G bands, including CBRS in either 4G or 5G as well as c-band. It also supports up to 4CA NR carrier aggregation, meaning operators can bundle bands for higher throughput.

The necessity for high-speed broadband has never been clearer, and governments are responding with a wide range of programs to ensure access for their citizens. Full coverage will require a combination of fiber and wireless technologies where it is too difficult to lay fiber.

The FastMile 5G receiver is mounted outside the home where it can pick up the strongest signals, which is important in rural areas where signals can be weak at the cell edge. The outside receiver is teamed with an inside Wi-Fi router, such as Nokia’s Beacon G6.2, which has managed mesh Wi-Fi capability to deliver strong signals throughout the home.

Chris DePuy, technology analyst and Founder at 650 Group, said: "For those that require unlicensed spectrum, the 5G outdoor FWA device supports CBRS (B/n48), enabling CBRS in both 4G and 5G. We think the market has well over 10 million users for rural access that uses either unlicensed or licensed spectrum. This new product brings much-needed speed to rural areas that traditionally need to settle for less. Also, it broadens out Nokia’s portfolio to allow it to serve a broader set of customers."

Dirk Verhaegen, VP of broadband devices at Nokia, added: "Our high-gain technology extends the range of Fixed Wireless Access to deliver high speeds even in rural environments. Our receiver supports a wide range of mid- and low-bands in both 4G and 5G, along with up to 4 NR carrier aggregation, enabling operators to take the best advantage of the spectrum investments."

The Nokia 5G high-gain receiver is available immediately in the North American market. The receiver joins Nokia’s comprehensive portfolio of customer-premises equipment, which includes 4G and 5G gateways for indoor use.

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