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HGC significant expansion of its flagship ultra-low latency solution Eyeball-as-a-Service (EaaS). Riding on HGC’s comprehensive set of digital infrastructure, the extended EaaS coverage is scaling to support digital globalization and faster market entry by international players to reach 400 million eyeballs in the Southeast Asia.

Telecom Review recently had a one on one with Ravindran Mahalingam (Ravi), HGC’s Senior Vice President, International Business, to give Telecom Review readers insight into this and other product expansions by HGC

With a population exceeding 110 million, the Philippines is rapidly digitizing with a high internet penetration expected to reach 77% by 2022. Despite its geography of more than 7,600 islands, HGC is dedicated to connecting millions of end users across the country.

The unique EaaS edge offering enables real-time, high-performance, high-density computing and data analytics resulting in a better user experience. Aimed at Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers, satellite businesses, ISPs, content providers (Live streaming, SVOD, AVOD, TVOD), SaaS, cloud mobile gaming, broadcasting, media & entertainment, and other modern application companies, EaaS helps businesses looking to reach extensive eyeball coverage in the Philippines, expanding in and out of the country, across Southeast Asia and/or globally.

EaaS takes into consideration regional routing and IP related services, bringing on route diversity that not only provisions ultra-low-latency and a more robust bandwidth, but also offers disaster redundancy preventing profit-hitting downtime.

HGC has also made several value-added services available to complement the EaaS solution, enabling multiple levels of connectivity from international backbone to fixed access with network design customization, edge servers, cloud platform deployment, system integration and managed services.

Ravi noted, “With the OTT market ramping up competition, enabling personalized and premium user experience and adapting to local social behavior is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of vital marketplaces. HGC unlocks the full value of our full-fledged digital infrastructure for rapid business globalization. The Philippines is one of Southeast Asia’s largest internet opportunities and we are happy to serve customers and partners globally who wish to explore the great prospects in this geography.”

HGC and AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) are expanding their partnership for both AMS-IX Bay Area and AMS-IX Chicago in the US.

Customers connected to the AMS-IX Chicago and Bay Area Internet Exchange have the ability to exchange Internet traffic with a multitude of networks using a single connection. This enables companies such as ISPs, OTTs, and telecom carriers to offer low latency and engaging online experiences to more than 300 million internet users across the US. Customers at AMS-IX Chicago and Bay Area include companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Under the partnership, HGC will serve as the commercial partner and exclusive global sales and marketing arm for AMS-IX US. AMS-IX will be in control over the technical and operational management of the exchange and offers its expertise on peering, network monitoring capabilities, and operations support.

Customers connected at AMS-IX Chicago and Bay Area will benefit from HGC’s edge facilities and globally meshed network infrastructure. Both exchanges will be integrated in HGC’s global digital infrastructure, which enables peering members in both Chicago and Bay Area to reach more than 130 locations all over the world via HGC’s telecom hubs in Los Angeles and New York. With concerted efforts, peering at AMS-IX Chicago and AMS-IX Bay Area, which builds on the neutral and proven success model of AMS-IX in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will help customers from the U.S., Europe and Asia to enhance their network efficiency and expansion in a flexible and value-for-money manner.

“We are excited about the strengthened collaboration in AMS-IX US which marks an important milestone to serve ever-increasing interconnection growth globally. HGC’s premium edge digital infrastructure expansion has seen a boost in deployments to capture new eyeballs, a trend that is not set to slow down,” says Ravi.

HGC has expanded the Group’s ICT capabilities in Asia with Singapore upgraded as major Asian hub and the introduction of their new Trio-service suite, composed of network connectivity, ICT solutions and local professional support. The vertical expansion leverages HGC’s solid global network infrastructure and market presence, offering customized one-stop ICT solutions to help corporates with business diversification and expansion in Asia.

With over 20 years of business and operational experiences in the 15 countries under recently-concluded Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), HGC will fully utilize its synergies and advantages to enable corporate customers to explore the benefits brought by the enormous alliance, which represents roughly 30 percent of the world’s GDP and population.

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