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Inseego introduced the Wavemaker PRO 5G industrial gateway S2000e that combines high-performance 5G with the most advanced 4G LTE capabilities. This solution delivers best-in-class throughput and reliability for industrial IoT and enterprise networks.

“We designed the S2000e to provide the best possible 5G connection for any routing system or endpoint, with maximum speed, reliability, and security,” said Inseego president Ashish Sharma. “It brings multi-gigabit performance to both on-premise and remote installations for industrial IoT networks, private networks, SD-WANs and other business networks.”

With enterprise-grade hardware features, cloud-based remote device management, and advanced security capabilities, the S2000e is designed to ensure 24/7 business continuity and safeguard critical connections.

Ozer Dondurmacıoğlu, VP of marketing at Celona, one of Inseego’s partners, commented, “With its new S2000e gateway that supports advances such as concurrent 4G/5G carrier aggregation, Inseego is leading this charge delivering the high-performance connectivity, resilience, and versatility that have become non-negotiable for enterprises actively building their own private cellular networks.”

Key features of the Wavemaker PRO 5G industrial gateway S2000e include:

  1. Simultaneous 4x4 MIMO LTE and 5G connectivity, enabling faster throughput and better coverage at all times
  2. Sub-6 GHz 5G and LTE (Cat 22) with available mmWave units for proof-of-concept of indoor mmWave use cases
  3. Dual SIMs for both primary and backup connectivity with auto-switching for instantaneous failover
  4. Maximum deployment flexibility with 6 antenna ports and multiple antenna accessories
  5. Device-to-cloud software for remote management and advanced security

Moreover, the S2000e is ideal for industrial and enterprise use cases such as manufacturing equipment, energy and utility enclosures, remote surveillance enclosures, and education WAN connection.

Dan Shey, managing director and vice president at ABI Research, also shared his remarks in line with Inseego’s best-in-line product, "The nexus of 5G and industrial IoT will change the way critical assets and infrastructure are managed, controlled, and secured. A go-anywhere enterprise-grade 5G gateway that can deliver continuous high throughput will be a must-have for many of these deployments.”

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