Satellite operator SES will be opening a new technology and operational hub worth $17 million, in Bristow, Virginia. SES is expected to generate 200 jobs at this new site by 2026.

“This new hub provides SES with the space to continue providing seamless services and aligns with our goal to deliver future-proof and innovative solutions for customers while adapting how we will work in a post-pandemic world,” SES CEO Steve Collar said in a statement.  

“With more people demanding more connectivity and data services, we will also be looking at engaging top talent across Virginia to grow our technology and global services teams in the coming months and would welcome candidates’ applications from the area,” Collar added, emphasizing how the hub would consolidate local SES satellite and network operations.

Prince William County, where Bristow is located, already received a $500,000 grant from state governor Ralph Northam for the said project. Moreover, the state will help SES with the recruitment and training of newly hired staff. 

At the moment, SES has the Washington Media Port near the new site location and three other facilities in Northern Virginia. 

Northam commented on the deal by saying: “The growing presence of SES in Prince William County is an indication that the region and the commonwealth have the infrastructure, workforce, and strategic access to help technology businesses thrive. Northern Virginia is renowned for its world-class technology talent pipeline, which will pay significant dividends for SES as the company continues to grow and execute its business plan.”

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