Telefónica and Würth España have developed and implemented in the logistics center of Agoncillo (La Rioja) several solutions based on 5G+ and artificial intelligence that make it the first intelligent logistics industry in Spain.

In this proof of concept, Telefónica has collaborated with an ecosystem of strategic partners:

  • Würth as a customer of the solution;
  • Nokia for the deployment of the 5G+ network that includes the artificial intelligence functionality NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function);
  • Etiqmedia as a provider of real-time video analytics supported by Telefónica's 5G connectivity, in addition to the deployment and integration of the video cameras; and,
  • Teradata, which has integrated Vantage, its cloud and hybrid data management and analytics platform, recognized as the most advanced and powerful in the market, with the 5G+ network and with the real-time video analytics solution.

In collaboration with Nokia, Teradata and Etiqmedia, Telefónica has responded to the optimization needs of certain processes of the plant, as well as to Würth's objective of advancing in the digitization of its logistics processes.

The state-of-the-art 5G+ network deployed in the center natively incorporates artificial intelligence, being able to anticipate future scenarios in order to make decisions in the present. On top of this connectivity, an artificial vision solution has been integrated to control logistics processes thanks to the data extracted in real time from the ultra-high-definition video streams generated by the connected cameras located at various points in the logistics center, which are analyzed and exploited in an analytical and data management platform integrated with the rest of the ecosystem.

This innovative solution further provides a direct response to five challenges posed by Würth: possible jamming of boxes on the conveyor; audit at the outbound conveyor; outbound dock dispatch; beach occupancy; and ability to have a complete and centralized view of all these processes through a portal that allows historical and real-time visualization of information.

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