Verizon Business announced that their Managed Private Wireless Solution, coach-to-coach communications, is officially live in all 30 NFL stadiums, a major milestone in the co-innovation partnership between the two organizations.

Telecom Review recently visited with Jonathan Nikols, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise, Americas to get a feel for the depth of the program.

The current Coach-to-Coach solution runs on a CBRS Private Wireless Network, as the technology solution required by the NFL is fully supportable in this initial use case on CBRS. Verizon Business may roll out a 5G solution based on the needs of future use cases.

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“Reliable communications is important whether you’re a football fan calling family and friends from a game, a first responder, a small business or a large enterprise. When we look at an NFL game, split seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing, so communications needs to be seamless,” said Kyle Malady, CEO, Verizon Business. “In every NFL stadium, coach-to-coach communications will run on a dedicated Managed Private Wireless Solution.”

This Managed Private Wireless solution was initially piloted during all five international NFL games in the 2022 season, which included deployment and management of the private wireless technology, testing and coordination and in-game operational support and continued this pre-season.

The Verizon engineered private network is deployed at field level of each stadium leveraging antennas which allow for full coverage throughout the field.

“The launch of Verizon’s Managed Private Wireless solution, coach-to-coach communication in NFL stadiums for the 2023 season marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Verizon Business and the NFL,” said Gary Brantley, Chief Information Officer at the NFL. “The deployment of this coach-to-coach solution ensures reliable and seamless communications for coaches and further demonstrates both the NFL’s and Verizon's ongoing commitment to enhancing and innovating the in-stadium experience.”

The deployment of the coach-to-coach solution is the latest advancement in Verizon’s long-standing partnership with the NFL, including continued investment in local teams and stadiums. Recently, Verizon announced new partnerships with the Washington Commanders, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers, and an extended partnership with the New York Jets and New York Giants, all of which include upgrades to stadium connectivity and the fan experience.

This solution is part of the broader Verizon Business Connected Venue approach, which is rooted in its 5G investment in more than 75 large public venues in the United States, including some of the most iconic major sports and music venues. Verizon brings a mix of public and private network capabilities, a robust technology ecosystem, and 5G partnerships that enable leagues, teams, and stadium operators to create and deliver a first-class fan experience and achieve desired venue operations outcomes. Examples include autonomous or cashier less retail, accelerated access, and crowd analytics as a service.

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