AT&T México, in alliance with Qualcomm, Celona, Axity and Veea, have begun technological tests of private networks in the AT&T 5G Innovation Laboratory with the purpose of developing use cases that help accelerate their adoption within industries.

This connectivity solution represents an advance for the so-called industry 4.0, since private networks have benefits such as lower latency and greater predictability, while companies have broadband connectivity in a reliable and secure manner.

Qualcomm is excited to collaborate on their FSM 5G RAN technology and IoT device solutions in conjunction with AT&T Mexico, with the vision of showcasing and driving the potential impact of 5G on the mobile ecosystem and its ability to completely revolutionize industries through case studies.

AT&T Mexico has established a successful operation using the new 5G New Radio (NR) and LAN system developed by Celona and Veea, whose validation includes the use of new outdoor and indoor access points, as well as fixed and cellular terminals. This technological innovation helps enable multiple protocols and digital links, thereby contributing to the development of new use cases.

The tests of private networks that are currently being worked on seek to enhance and develop use cases for a range of applications and secure connectivity between equipment for industries to improve their processes, for example, through cameras that allow the manufacturing industry and logistics to monitor and have better quality control of their products, faster access to data and autonomous robots within warehouses, among others.

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