TELUS is partnering with Google Cloud and NXN Digital to deliver the next generation of sustainable, efficient, secure, and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that will empower businesses, communities, and their residents through a vast ecosystem of people-first solutions.

This strategic alignment is combining the strength and speed of TELUS’ leading networks with Google Cloud’s infrastructure and data analytics, and NXN Digital’s “smart city as a service” platform, to enable cities and districts of any size to improve the lives of their citizens. From dynamic traffic signaling that reduces congestion and emissions, to data analytics that creates smarter, more efficient city planning, the three organizations are transforming the way municipalities operate in our increasingly digital world.

“Today, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our 10-year partnership with Google Cloud as well as our strategic collaboration with NXN Digital by accelerating our commitment to Canadian cities and empowering them with the next-generation infrastructure and smart city technologies they need to optimize operations, improve resident safety, reduce costs, and create a more sustainable, healthier future,” said Tony Geheran, executive vice president and chief operations officer, TELUS. “By leveraging our strategic partnerships along with the blazing speed, reliability, and lower latency of our global-leading 5G network, we are creating remarkable outcomes for Canadians.”

Combining the strength of Google Cloud and NXN Digital’s twin technology enables TELUS to deliver a wide range of smart solutions through a seamless, end-to-end experience, ensuring full interoperability between IoT sensors, management platform, and cloud infrastructure, all powered by TELUS’ global-leading connectivity.

“We are building on our strategic alliance with TELUS to help create more sustainable and efficient cities by leveraging scalability, reliability, and intelligence of our cloud,” said Amol Phadke, managing director, telecom industry solutions, Google Cloud. “We are proud to partner with TELUS to provide data intelligence, geospatial information, and digital twin capabilities through leading cloud and network infrastructure allowing municipalities to make better, more informed decisions,” said Ghazi Atallah, CEO of NXN Digital.

TELUS smart city solutions fall within four foundational pillars: infrastructure and environmental sustainability, intelligent transportation, public safety and security, and health. These solutions are key in building a healthier, safer, greener city.

Commenting on the initiatives and partnerships with proven leaders, Navin Arora, executive vice president, TELUS and president, TELUS business solutions said, “Our smart city solutions and award-winning networks are transforming the way municipalities operate, enabling them to make impactful data-driven decisions, save energy, improve emergency response times and safety in the community, or monitor traffic for operational efficiency.”

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