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TELUS is connecting more Canadians to its next-generation 5G network ahead of schedule, reaching 70% of the Canadian population as part of its significant $54 billion investment in infrastructure and operations through 2024.

744 urban and rural communities are now given access to TELUS’ 5G network, demonstrating its commitment to connecting Canadians and driving remarkable social outcomes from the increased connectivity, ultrafast speeds, and responsiveness of 5G.

Darren Entwistle, president and CEO, said, “Now more than ever, TELUS is committed to keeping Canadians connected, productive, and healthy. Indeed, the ongoing expansion of our next-generation 5G technology is bridging time and distance, allowing residents to live and work in any community without compromising productivity or economic opportunity. Importantly, as we look optimistically toward a period of economic and social recovery, our global leading network will continue to drive the innovation that empowers the diversity and competitiveness of our country’s private sector and improves economic equality in our digital world, helping us answer the most pressing social challenges in health, education and the environment for the benefit of all Canadians.”

To build upon the possibilities of Canada’s next-generation networks, TELUS is working closely with key partners to bring innovative solutions that will improve the quality of life for Canadians and their communities. This includes the first GM vehicles with built-in connectivity to TELUS’ high-performance 5G network that are expected to be introduced with the 2025 model year. With this collaboration, Canadians can expect faster navigation, mapping, and voice services when driving an all-electric and autonomous vehicle.

Moreover, TELUS has partnered with leading academic institutions to unlock new ways for technology to improve Canadians’ lives with its 5G network. An example of this is the recently-opened 5G Innovation Zone in Hub350 as part of the Kanata North Technology Park, Ontario.

These partnerships and investments add to TELUS’ continued commitment to bringing world-leading connectivity to communities across the country as well as providing the technological backbone for economic recovery and strength well into the future.

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