Hub350, the physical gateway for Canada’s largest technology park, where technology talent will have a space to converge and explore opportunities to live, work, play and learn, has officially opened.

Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) hosted the ceremony in the presence of TELUS, RBC, Salesforce, Education City, local leaders such as Wesley Clover Chairman Sir Terry Matthews and Invest Ottawa CEO Michael Tremblay, as well as world-leading post-secondary institutions including the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College, and Queen’s University.

TELUS 5G Innovation Zone

“In the heart of Kanata North, we’ll be collaborating with industry, academic, and finance partners to test new 5G solutions at scale because what’s the point of technology if you can’t use it to solve real-world problems? Kanata North is home to the largest concentration of technologists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and post-secondary institutions in Canada,” says Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO, Telus.

At the heart of Hub350 is the TELUS 5G Innovation Zone, powered by Canada’s fastest mobile network. 5G represents one of the most significant new advances in communications technologies to date, making the 5G Innovation Zone ideal for conceptualizing, developing, testing, and, commercializing 5G.

The 5G Innovation Zone will allow Ottawa businesses to test their products for real-world applications on a 5G network, working alongside the 500+ businesses in the park.

“5G is a great thing but only if we do it right. If we put speed, capacity, and low latency together, we can redefine digital use. Everyone’s doing digital transformation and going into the cloud. Either we embrace them and do them right with the right infrastructure, not just the network, but also the software and the permissions you need things to go on top, or we can screw it up and it's another G,” explained Ibrahim during Hub350’s opening.

Hub350 is a fruit of collaboration among Canadian innovators. Among the 5G use cases of today include autonomous vehicles, smart cities, medical technologies, and many other trials in partnership with global technology leaders and a burgeoning ecosystem.

The 5G Innovation Zone will provide innovators access to the surrounding technology ecosystem of more than 540 companies in the KNBA to identify and prove technology-driven solutions for existing and new opportunities.

“5G represents one of the most significant new advances in communications technologies to date and no other area in Canada has the combination of experience, talent, and commitment to 5G, in complementary fields of software, data, computing, applications, and other technologies, that Kanata North Technology Park has,” Terry said in an earlier statement. “As a long-time supporter of digital networking, I see the vast benefits of 5G across a variety of industries and I am pleased that TELUS has chosen to bring their latest Innovation Zone to Kanata to further accelerate the growth of this industry for Canada.”

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