Maserati owners can now browse and stream online while on the road with a powerful in-car Wi-Fi powered by AT&T. 

AT&T is bringing cellular connectivity to Maserati vehicles in the United States and Canada, through a new multi-year agreement enabling the next-generation Maserati Connect services for the luxury car brand.

Initially, these services are available for all MY21 Maserati vehicles for a trial period of 3 months, with 3GB of usage. With AT&T 4G LTE connectivity delivered through Maserati Connect, owners can turn their vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting multiple smartphones or tablets just about anywhere, supporting email, browsing, gaming, and more. 

In addition, passengers get access to the WarnerMedia1 robust library of premium content across news, sports, and family entertainment through the WarnerMedia RIDE™ streaming service. Once connected to the AT&T in-car Wi-Fi®, a rotating selection of entertainment and over 1,000 hours of shows and movies is made available where watching live and on-demand content from top channels and services like Cartoon Network, CNN, HBO Max™, TruTV, and more can be done. 

“We’re proud to collaborate with Maserati to bring these next-generation features to this iconic brand that has played such an important role in the history of motoring for more than a century,” said Joe Mosele, vice president, Mobility, Internet of Things, and 5G.  “Cellular connectivity is the key to enabling Wi-Fi hotspots, WarnerMedia entertainment, and other features that will greatly enhance the driving experience for Maserati owners.”

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