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As the amount of data being created increases, the number of worldwide data centers will grow to support that demand. With that comes the increased need for reliable backup power — and an increasingly acute demand for power solutions that reduce environmental impacts wherever possible.

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Aligned established a newly-created data center ABS platform and the issuance of $1.35 billion in securitized notes thereunder, which is the largest-ever inaugural data center securitization. The securitized notes also hold the distinction of being the first-ever green data center securitization, which has been issued under the Aligned Green Finance Framework, and externally verified by Sustainalytics.
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Wireless connectivity has never been as crucial as today, with more people using smart devices in new and unique ways. Moreover, in a digital-run world shaped by social distancing, wireless capabilities have transcended convenience and become the primary means for human interaction.

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The constant and rapid technological evolution has put forth trends and concepts that now make the telecom and ICT industry quite a diverse and developed sector. Open radio access network, known as Open RAN, is one of the trends that has been shaping the industry. Leading telecom brands and experts are mobilized to further develop this network architecture; however, different points of view exist regarding some of its controversial aspects.

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As policymaking in Washington — from economics to infrastructure — is increasingly formulated to go head-to-head with China, businesses have recently expressed their major concerns to take “swift action” in addressing “burdensome” tariffs.

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The wireless industry invested $30 billion in 2020 to power America’s world-leading wireless networks, according to CTIA’s 2021 Annual Wireless Industry Survey. This represents a five-year high and the third straight year of increasing capital expenditures, pushing cumulative industry investment over $600 billion.

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