As of July 1, the Universal Service Fund (USF) contribution factor exceeded 26%.  In other words, for every dollar consumers and businesses spend on voice and data transport services, service providers must pay more than a quarter towards supporting USF programs, a heavy tax by any measure.

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Telecom Review has always been a pioneer in the digital media space. Embracing digitalization has always been a key pillar of our vision and strategy. Given the current circumstances, we have decided to pursue our mission of connecting industry leaders.

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The 5G Future Forum, a group of global 5G leaders accelerating the delivery of Multi-access Edge Computing-enabled solutions around the world, will release its first technical specifications to its members in the third quarter of 2020 – a major step forward in enabling global interoperability for 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) deployment to deliver efficient and innovative services to end customers. There are two major sets of technical specifications.

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