Historically, during the first decades of power generation, standby generator sets were used almost entirely for emergency lighting. As the capabilities of these standby generator sets increased, so also did the scope of the loads on standby power: in the 1970s and 1980s, the industry observed dramatic growth in motor and pump dominant applications: water treatment plants, lift stations, etc. This placed additional requirements on coordination of power transfer from utility and back to utility; simple double-throw contactors were no longer sufficient to reliably transfer these loads with high electromechanical inertia. A more complete analysis was required to avoid system derangement when transferring from one source to another, particularly when transferring from a standby source to a utility source.

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As the amount of data being created increases, the number of worldwide data centers will grow to support that demand. With that comes the increased need for reliable backup power — and an increasingly acute demand for power solutions that reduce environmental impacts wherever possible.

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Aligned established a newly-created data center ABS platform and the issuance of $1.35 billion in securitized notes thereunder, which is the largest-ever inaugural data center securitization. The securitized notes also hold the distinction of being the first-ever green data center securitization, which has been issued under the Aligned Green Finance Framework, and externally verified by Sustainalytics.
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Wireless connectivity has never been as crucial as today, with more people using smart devices in new and unique ways. Moreover, in a digital-run world shaped by social distancing, wireless capabilities have transcended convenience and become the primary means for human interaction.

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