The most southerly cellular base station in the world has been established in Antarctica by Norway's Telenor, signifying a significant advancement for both data acquisition and the well-being of researchers.

Positioned at the 72nd parallel south near the Norwegian polar research station Troll, this installation commenced operations in February.

Telenor also recently activated the world's northernmost base station at the Ny Alesund station, located at the 79th parallel north on the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard in the Arctic.

According to Christian Skottun, Head of Telenor Svalbard, establishing a 4G network around Troll enhances the safety of fieldworkers and streamlines the transmission of data collected by scientists' instruments worldwide and in real-time.

During the austral summer, the Troll station hosts several dozen researchers, while six maintenance staff remain during the winter months. It serves as a hub for various research endeavors encompassing biology, glaciology, geology, as well as the collection of meteorological, atmospheric, and seismic data.

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