Vincent English has been appointed to lead PacketFabric as its Chief Executive Officer. English’s global leadership experience enables PacketFabric to innovate its service roadmap and transform its go to market capabilities to accelerate growth globally as a leading Network as a Service provider.

PacketFabric’s Network as a Service platform enables enterprises to connect to services and locations that power their businesses at cloud-scale and in real time. Customers can align their network architecture to optimize cost and performance for today’s IT workloads and ensure they are ready for tomorrow’s evolving data architectures.

Moreover, PacketFabric is designed to be a 100G capable network for the company’s portfolio of services with high availability, which is critical for large enterprise customers. The company also has a growing portfolio of 400G connections that are available to customers with the most demanding enterprise workloads.

Of his new role, English said, “I am thrilled to join PacketFabric at such a crucial point in the company’s growth. Data consumption has continued to accelerate and has proven one of the fundamental constants in our industry. PacketFabric was built from the ground-up as a massive, cloud-scale network. With the ongoing growth of cloud services along with emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications, this trend is accelerating. The PacketFabric platform has proven to be a crucial enabler for today’s cloud consumption model. I am excited to support PacketFabric’s go to market transformation to capture more of the cloud opportunity and deliver new services that will support our customers, partners and enable the continued growth of intelligent IT architectures.”     

English brings immense experience and valuable industry knowledge to PacketFabric. He held multiple executive roles at Megaport, including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and most recently Chief Executive Officer. Prior to his tenure at Megaport, English served as Chief Financial Officer at Digicel Group, a multi-national telecommunications company. English also held multiple financial operations roles at Alcoa and Gillette.

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