With the National Football League (NFL) kicking off its regular season in September, we will once again witness how the American football bring friends, family and neighbors together, creating an exciting environment within local communities.

Watching a game at home or cheering alongside other fans on the sidelines unites people with a shared passion for sports, and this experience is being enhanced with deep tech innovation and next-level connectivity.

Verizon has maintained a strategic alliance with the NFL since 2010. This enduring partnership has recently evolved, solidifying Verizon's position as the Official Technology Partner and the designated Official 5G Network of the League.

Verizon's commitment extends beyond this association. The company has embarked on a journey of elevating NFL stadiums through the deployment of a dependable 5G network and cutting-edge gameday technologies. Moreover, they've played a significant role in sponsoring the NFL's premier events. Collaborative ventures with YouTube and YouTube TV have also enabled Verizon to offer out-of-market Sunday afternoon games to fans nationwide, further enhancing the football experience.

Verizon Is the Place for NFL Fans

The long-standing collaboration between the telco and the NFL has driven not only enhancement on the ultimate in-stadium fan encounters through their advanced 5G Network but also a revolutionized on-the-field coach-to-coach communications.

Presently, Verizon stands alone among wireless carriers in providing customers with an exclusive "on us" opportunity, available for a limited time. This offer grants access to every out-of-market Sunday afternoon game of the season through YouTube and YouTube TV.

Moreover, Verizon is delivering a new Managed Private Wireless Network solution across all 30 US stadiums and 2023 International Series games, which includes full in-game support for on-field coach-to-coach communications.

Verizon will also support key NFL events throughout the season, including Super Wild Card Weekend and the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.

Whether you are in-venue or watching at home or on the go, Verizon has you covered. 

Coach-to-Coach Communications

Commencing from this season, Verizon will implement a Managed Private Wireless Solution across all 30 NFL stadiums in the United States. This innovative solution is designed to furnish the NFL with essential elements: speed, security and dependability, ensuring the integrity of crucial on-field coach-to-coach communications.

“In an NFL game, every moment matters – seconds matter – as the margin between winning and losing is miniscule. The backbone of world-class play on-the-field is communication,” said Sowmyanarayan Sampath, CEO, Verizon Business. “The NFL understands and leans into the power of innovation and technology and this Managed Private Wireless solution deployment is a testament to how the NFL uses the latest technology for the game.”

This initiative is a component of the Verizon Business Connected Venue framework. This approach finds its foundation in Verizon's substantial investment in 5G technology across over 75 prominent public venues in the United States, encompassing several of the most renowned and significant sports arenas.

Local Team Partnerships 

Verizon recognizes that the majority of its customers care most about their hometown team, which is why they are working directly with more teams to localize its support in communities. 

During the NFL 2023 pre-season, Verizon has announced four new team partnerships with the Washington Commanders, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers.

“We’re excited to have Verizon join us in this new chapter of Washington Commanders football,” said Commanders President Jason Wright. “Football is back in the DMV and Verizon will help improve the experience at FedExField for fans, players and coaches. We are thrilled to welcome Verizon as an official partner of the team.”

Following the team's finalized sale, Verizon has become the inaugural corporate partner to join forces with the Commanders.

“Fan experience is at the heart of everything we do at Nissan Stadium, and excellent cellular service is a huge part of that,” said Adam Nuse, Titans Chief Revenue Officer. “We are proud to partner alongside Verizon to ensure guests can enjoy every game and event with the assurance of a solid network.”

Alongside introducing Accelerated Access, a system utilizing voluntary facial authentication technology to swiftly verify identities for access control and expedited ticketing, Verizon has also recently incorporated numerous 5G Ultra Wideband cell sites at Nissan Stadium, a move set to deliver improved wireless performance to attendees within the stadium stands.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Verizon to improve the overall fan experience,” said Cleveland Browns Chief Commercial Officer Eric Clouse. “Bringing this new technology to Cleveland Browns stadium is an exciting way to elevate game day for our fans, players and coaches.”

Within the scope of this collaboration, Verizon and the Browns have plans to introduce novel innovations that harness the capabilities of the telco’s 5G network.

“We’re excited that the season is underway and thrilled to partner with Verizon on the field, in the stands and beyond,” said Panthers Team President Kristi Coleman. “We can’t wait for our fans, players and coaches to see how Verizon will improve their experience at Bank of America Stadium.”

Bank of America Stadium has seen a recent enhancement to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, with ongoing plans for further upgrades in 2024.

Verizon Special Offer: NFL Sunday Ticket

Verizon also understands that a lot of NFL fans are displaced fans, living in cities that are not home to the team they root for. That’s why ahead of the 2023 NFL season, Verizon partnered with NFL and YouTube TV to bring customers an opportunity to have NFL Sunday Ticket for free on Verizon. 

NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium sports package bringing you Sunday afternoon regular season NFL games not carried on local broadcasts in your area. Exclusively tailored for personal, non-commercial utilization, NFL Sunday Ticket has found its home on YouTube and YouTube TV. This premium offering can be added to a YouTube TV Base Plan subscription. Alternatively, you have the option to access NFL Sunday Ticket independently as a dedicated YouTube Primetime Channel.

Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO of Verizon, stated: “By deepening our technology-first partnership with the NFL and now partnering with YouTube on NFL Sunday Ticket, we’re able to offer customers the ultimate fan experience wherever they are on the most reliable 5G network in America. This partnership adds to our growing roster of the best content providers in the industry as we continue to deliver the best in choice and exclusive value to our customers.”

For the approaching season, eligible Verizon customers are in for a treat as they receive complimentary access to NFL Sunday Ticket (equivalent to savings of up to $449). Other Verizon customers can avail themselves of a $100 ticket price reduction.

The access to NFL Sunday Ticket will commence on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

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