As networks become increasingly complex, it is imperative that telecommunications companies equip their network engineers with the most powerful testing tools available. The risk in not doing so? Facing a crisis like the one the Rogers team was dealt.

Here are the top four reasons that telcos need to embrace AI-powered packet analysis:

Improved Network Health

Leveraging AI for PCAP analysis is the power to demystify network behavior. With AI and ML models, network engineers gain more comprehensive insights into network behavior, identifying and resolving issues faster and more accurately than ever before. This results in reduced downtime and improve network reliability.

Cost Savings and Improved Efficiency

The biggest benefit for network engineers and network health managers alike are the efficiency gains that are possible with AI-supported PCAP analysis. As network complexity continues to increase, packet analysis becomes more and more complex. AI-powered packet analysis allows engineers to automate protocol-level analysis, automatically detect root errors, instantly asssess network issue severity based on historical data, and more.

And these benefits show up on the bottom line too. In fact, according to McKinsey, field and service operations account for 60 to 70% of most telcos’ operating budgets. With ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, removing manual strain from the PCAP analysis process can dramatically increase field productivity.

Enhanced Customer Service

By leaning on AI and ML algorithms for network testing, you are not only able to acquire actionable insights on customer experiences, but you are also able to build predictive models that will identify and resolve network issues before customers even notice them. This means better quality service and fewer customer complaints.

Furthermore, AI-powered solutions enable personalized customer interactions, empowering support teams with relevant and timely information to address customer inquiries more efficiently. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a positive impact on customer retention rates.

Increased Profitability

The best part of all? When you leverage AI for packet analysis, you actually increase your profitability by decreasing your OPEX. In fact, a McKinsey assessment of the top quintile of telecommunications companies determined that these technology leaders have experienced a five-year revenue CAGR that is 2.1 times higher than that of peers and a total return to shareholders that is 2.5 times larger.

By improving the testing, you yield a more reliable and stable network, which opens the door to enterprise service opportunities, like private wireless. Private wireless is the deployment of cellular network infrastructure for dedicated use by an enterprise.

For many telcos, private wireless is a great opportunity for high-margin revenue diversification.

Integrated CI/CD/CT Pipeline

Integrated continuous integration, deployment, and testing loops route the testing process into the CI/CD pipeline directly to ensure quality assurance is inline and an explicit part of the delivery process.

By utilizing test servers for each of the network functions and an automated Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform, vendors deploying software to the network can launch certification and validation tests without the need to involve the operator or external parties.

Results from these test are then funneled into the data management platform where they are automatically analyzed and classified. All failures automatically generate tickets with a reason, explanation, and supporting artifacts to assist with the remediation of the failure, while also launching the ticket management workflow directly.

This end-to-end integrated CI/CD/CT pipeline ensures all changes to the network adhere to a standardized and comprehensive test process that ensures quality, without impeding innovation and progress.

Agility by B-Yond

AGILITY is the premier solution for AI and ML insights for packet capture analysis. If you’re looking to boost productivity, slash OPEX, and significantly reduce the time spent on manual packet capture analysis, then this is the solution for you.


  • Detect and visualize end-to-end call flows: Gain a comprehensive view of your network's performance.
  • Isolate network failures faster: Speed up troubleshooting with AI-driven insights.
  • Predict the root cause of network errors: Proactively address potential issues using advanced analytics and self-learning algorithms.
  • Correlate multiple data sources: Unify your network data for better decision-making.


AGILITY can be deployed on the B-Yond cloud as a SaaS solution or on your internal cluster with a simple, fully automated, operator. Here’s what you need to know:

  B-Yond Cloud

  • Delivered as SaaS
  • Secure
  • Available instantly via registration

  Your Cloud

  • Any public cloud or on-premise Kubernetes cluster managed by you
  • Download our operator and self-perform guided deployment
  • Fully automated setup and configuration
  • Your data remains on-premise and never leaves
  • Fully secure

You can read the full version of the whitepaper here.

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