Telecom Review recently visited with Robert Conger, ADTRAN’s SVP of technology and strategy.  He has been with the company for over 18 years, beginning as senior applications engineer before going on to occupy multiple roles, including director of product management and AVP for cloud and portfolio strategy. Robert’s diverse experience at ADTRAN makes him one of the company’s most invaluable employees. He oversees the company's end-to-end fiber broadband solutions portfolio, promoting future-proof 10G fiber access solutions and in-home wireless solutions that leverage the same software tools to maximize network performance and deliver efficient, end-to-end broadband services. With the large expansion of rural broadband in the USA ADTRAN is well positioned to expanding its position in the rural broadband market.

In 2022 ADTRAN and ADVA Optical announced that they would become one Company. The companies received all necessary regulatory approvals and shareholder consent, making closure possible. ADTRAN Holdings is now the parent company of ADTRAN, Inc. (“ADTRAN”) through the merger of ADTRAN with and into a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADTRAN Holdings. Additionally, tendered ADVA shares were exchanged for shares of ADTRAN Holdings today, making ADTRAN Holdings the majority shareholder of ADVA.

Tom Stanton, chairman and CEO of ADTRAN Holdings said, “This is an exciting day for both companies. With closing now behind us, we can focus on the final steps that will allow us to fully integrate these companies, creating a driving force within the industry. We believe that the combination of our exceptional talent, industry-leading solution portfolios and vision for innovation, positions us as a global trusted leader for service provider, government, and enterprise customers and will provide a firm foundation for our success moving forward.”

Subscriber needs are vastly changing, requiring faster data speeds and uninterrupted connectivity. Ensuring the best quality of experience for your customers requires your network to evolve with your customers’ expectations. ADTRAN serves as a helping hand, facilitating maximum performance from your network infrastructure and enabling you to transform your network concepts into revenue. With over 35 years of designing, manufacturing, and deploying broadband solutions, ADTRAN has the engineering, technology, and operational expertise needed to successfully elevate your network, improve your operations, and boost subscriber experience

ADVA is at the perfect moment in time to help rural America in the rural broadband expansion across the US. The BEADS program is a perfect program to allow rural providers to take advantage of ADVA’s capabilities. ADTRAN’s multigigabit XGS-PON optical line terminals provide the port density and service scale necessary to keep pace with soaring data demands. Compared to legacy GPON, the solution offers substantial cost savings while delivering unprecedented efficiency. By connecting new locations with fewer above-ground cabinets, customers are able to grow their infrastructure in a more sustainable and highly efficient way, delivering reliable and lightning-fast broadband in cities, towns and underserved rural communities.

Cloud & Software Services

Mosaic One Turn-up Setup and implement Mosaic One, their suite of cloud-based network management, monitoring, and analytics. This SaaS offering leverages ADTRAN’s expertise and artificial intelligence to provide a better understanding of your network and helps you to maximize network performance. Interoperability Services Assure a smooth integration of ADTRAN equipment with that of third-party vendors. This enables you to integrate cutting-edge technologies in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner. Software-Defined Expertise Leverage Adtran’s SD-Access expertise to take those critical first steps and accelerate lengthy BSS/OSS integration efforts. Let us help with custom development and plugins supporting other technologies and third-party vendors. Network Performance Testing ADTRAN offers multiple service offerings for testing network performance, whether for internal needs or to meet government funding validation requirements.

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