Jeremy Pease, CEO of Colohouse

Customers are trying to find technology partners who can provide them a platform that can address cost, performance, and compliance. Gone are the days of data center providers that just offer space and connectivity. Customers are demanding more. Often, the requirements are too much for internal teams to handle on their own and require partnerships and solutions that can enable the experts to help architect and scale correct outcomes.

Technology is constantly evolving, and multi-cloud capabilities are becoming increasingly prevalent, transforming how we manage workloads and do business as a result. Colohouse saw this gap and began its transformation into its next phase in providing a digital foundation layered with additional managed services while prioritizing the customer’s needs first.

Fresh look, modern solutions

In 2021, we began our journey to build a more comprehensive service platform through a series of complimentary acquisitions to create one true hybrid cloud and data center provider. Over the past 18 months, Colohouse has brought together seven notable entities and six brands. Unified through a shared mission and core values, we’re thrilled to provide our customers with even stronger support to fit their growing needs moving forwards.

To reflect our expanded footprint in new locations and solutions, we’ve refreshed our logo and visual branding in order to convey that we're still passionate about connecting customers with impactful technology. Our updated look signifies Colohouse's modern and thoughtful approach, mirroring our ongoing dedication to the core set of products: colocation, connectivity, cloud, and managed services.

Our new look features a vibrant color palette that represents Colohouse’s evolutionary approach to continually providing the best technological solutions to high-performing companies of all sizes.

Expanded support for evolving needs

Technology is constantly evolving, and complex IT workloads require a comprehensive approach to handle multiple operations. We’re excited to offer more expansive end-to-end technology solutions through wider colocation and cloud service offerings to businesses big and small.

With our customers’ ever-growing needs in mind, our product strategy has been redesigned to resolve modern pain points and service more diverse challenges. As a result, Colohouse can support your business’ growth through colocation, cloud solutions, bare metal solutions, managed security solutions, and even disaster recovery solutions for those unexpected circumstances. If you’re not sure where to start, our team is happy to discuss your needs to help you find the right fit.

Grow and Scale for Use, Adaptability, and Flexibility

Infrastructure is the medium – to deliver your applications and the needed requirements. As you seek to optimize your data center and cloud spend here are three area to focus on:

Know your business, application and data requirements

Being open and transparent with your current or prospective service provider will only help in creating the right IT architecture for your business. Your performance needs, applications, and end-user experience will only account to help us truly partner in what is needed now and in the future. Identifying future scalability needs will help create a solution and control costs and internal resources. This clarity will focus you on the correct solution or combination of solutions.

Recognize that infrastructure is a spectrum

The answer isn’t “We have to AWS or we DIY our technology platform”. You can mix and match by workload and max optimization. Colohouse is focused on location where it matters, automation when you want it and support when you need it. Finding a solutions-based partner that can adapt as fast as you can to your needs is crucial to your customer’s experience.

Master the mundane or find the right partner

Take into account all the details from backups, but also how long will it take to restore the backup. Do you have the right team to handle all of application performance, network connectivity, and security monitoring? Are you going over budget and being charged an overage fee? Finding the right partner who can own the mundane can alleviate your team’s workloads so they can focus on mission critical and unique activities to impact your end-user experience.

Colohouse can now support your business with strategy, planning, monitoring and management, and security and optimization through a robust network of support. Colohouse is here to provide a digital foundation that connects our customers with impactful technology solutions and services. Colohouse is a retail colocation, cloud, bare metal, security, and services provider.

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