In a special presentation on February 16, Verizon’s Eric Cevis received the North America CEO of the Year award under the Telecom Review Excellence Awards 2022 program during a special ceremony held at the Verizon Headquarters in New Jersey. Telecom Review Executives flew to Basking Ridge New Jersey to make the special presentation after the first presentation date was rescheduled.

Telecom Review, together with an independent panel of judges, continued its dedication and commitment to the ICT industry in ranking the best of the best in terms of corporate innovation and performance as well as individual capabilities and contributions as influential players globally. Eric was unanimously chosen for this recognition.

When told of the award Eric responded, “I am honored and humbled for consideration, let alone being recognized with such a prestigious call out as “North America CEO Merit Leader of the Year” award as in my 36.5 years in this industry I have felt we have made many telecommunications advancements and continue the evolution of even more products and services that support the world we live in.”

Commenting on the special award, Toni Eid, Founder of Telecom Review Group and CEO of Trace Media, said, “This year the winner of this award stands out for his over 35 years in the industry who has seen a number of trends that he believes have helped to shape the global wholesale business. The most impactful trend is a recognition in the industry that more and more businesses are realizing that inorganic partnerships are more conducive to scale in the industry for our customers than pure organic plays only. There are more strengths to collaboration with global partners than trying to do all things by yourself as a company.

Jeff Seal, Chief Awards Officer, Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief, Telecom Review North America, said, “2022 brought out the biggest Telecom Review Excellence Awards program yet, garnering a very high interest level from the industry. Eric Cevis is an Agent of Change and deserves the CEO award!  We received a record-breaking number of nominations from around the world. The Excellence Awards continue to be the “standard” for which the industry judges its peers. The Telecom Review panel of judges are leading experts from around the world and spent a thorough deliberation in the process. Congratulations to all winners and we hope to welcome you again next year!”

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