Kohler Power has set its sights on making 2023 a year of sustainability. Throughout 2022, Kohler has been a thought leader on the creation of more sustainable products and practices amid the rising demand for more connectivity and data center services. The company plans to use last year’s initiatives as a springboard into 2023, setting the stage for even more conversations about how the company and its counterparts can leave the world a better place for future generations by reducing environmental impacts.

“Kohler Power is laser focused on sustainability, as we have been for 150 years,” said Ryan Baumann, Global Director, Data Center Sales. “From our water mission awards, to introducing new initiatives and technologies into our power products, we are 100% committed to being part of the solution that helps our industry reach its goals. Our leadership has not only made it a priority, but also a passion to drive change with all of our products across our business units within Kohler.”

Leading into 2023, Kohler Co. announced that Laura Kohler will be the company's first Chief Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Officer. This new appointment marks a significant step forward in accelerating the incorporation of sustainability, social impact and DEI across Kohler's global companies including its data centers division. As Chief Sustainability and DEI Officer, Laura will help the company fully focus on this effort at every level and is also investing in several other positions that will help the company achieve its long-term sustainability, social impact and DEI vision and goals. Laura will lead a team of 40+ experts who will focus on strengthening the company's relationship with key stakeholders, expanding the development of environmentally friendly products and processes, and advocating on important industry and societal challenges.

Additionally in the beginning of the year, Kohler announced a partnership with Robert Swan, OBE (Order of the British Empire), on his 2023 Undaunted Expedition that will take him across the Antarctic landmass to the Geographic South Pole relying solely on renewable energy sources. A leader in energy resiliency for more than 100 years, Kohler is equipping Swan's journey with a customized KOHLER generator that utilizes a KOHLER diesel engine fueled by hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). Kohler Power launched its HVO solution last year for all of its diesel engines. Underscoring the company’s commitment to lessen the environmental impact of its engines, HVO is a renewable paraffinic fuel that is produced with plant or animal oils derived from the residues of the meat and fish industries. HVO does not use agricultural resources, contribute to deforestation and a reduction in overall CO2 emissions of up to 90% can be obtained

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