We all have video meeting overload but we recently found a Company that eases that burden for you. It is Epos. We tried two of their products and liked them!

Video Collaboration

Epos EXPAND Vision 3 Video Collaboration is an All-in-one video collaboration bar for today’s smart office. Join meetings with just one touch and perform like you’re there in person. Enhance collaboration with full HD video and exceptional voice pickup and noise cancellation. Setup was easy. Plug it into a TV, plug it into power, connect ethernet and the speaker, done. Power it on and sign in to Microsoft Teams.

Then you can enjoy a natural meeting experience, and benefit from facial expressions, body language and voices with exceptional clarity that boost productivity. Epos has 115 years of audio engineering excellence but entered the enterprise audio market only 12 months ago. It’s rapidly made a strong name for itself with its premium headsets and Bluetooth audio conferencing equipment. This trend continues with the Expand Vision 3T video collaboration bar bringing not only sound but two-way video, to any HDMI-based screen near you. It’s not good for your eyes or your neck to focus on your laptop screen all day. With the Expand Vision 3T, you can mix it up, plugging the video collaboration bar into a spare input on your TV. Sign in with your own Microsoft Teams account, throw in a nice virtual background of your choosing, and you now have a super-professional setup that will have everyone believing you’re in a real office.

The Expand Vision has a sharp wide-angled 4K camera and will intelligently frame individual speakers, tracking voices through built-in AI. It doesn’t only look good, but it makes you look good, helps you and your fellow collaborators focus, all while recreating the in-person experience despite being apart.

As a video collaboration bar, the Expand Vision 3T looks as you might expect - it’s fundamentally a camera that you can clamp onto the top of your television or monitor or place under it. The bar has an HDMI output, works with either ethernet or Wi-Fi and provides audio via USB-C or Bluetooth. The box includes a stylish and crisp portable Bluetooth speaker/microphone, and a lengthy USB-C cable to connect them. For best performance, you’d use ethernet for the network connection and USB-C for the speaker/microphone connection, but you’re not constrained if connectivity is an issue, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available.

It is an Android-based device to bring Microsoft Teams to any display you want, no matter how “dumb” that device may be. In fact, it’s a tremendous alternative to otherwise costly video-conferencing products bundling licensed software with a screen. Unlike those options the Expand Vision 3T allows you to do whatever else you want with the display when not conferencing - simply change your HDMI input as needed, and the Expand 3T lets you do with a single one-off fee. There is no ongoing licensing required.

Meeting Headsets

We have all tried the cheap headsets. EPOs has come up with a solution with the over the ear EPOS Adapt 260. We have been trialing this for over a month and the audio quality is very impressive. It connects via bluetooth to your laptop and gives you the handsfree you deserve.

When shopping around for a good quality, comfortable wireless headset for your business and entertainment needs, it can be confusing as to which one to buy. 

Comfort, sound quality, connectivity and price are all common elements of what people look for when in the market for a new wireless headset. EPOS Adapt 260 provides up to 27 hours of talk time. In a sub $200.00 wireless headset, this is a decent amount of battery life. 

There’s ample padding on the ear cushions that help to make wearing it for extended periods of time possible. And, with the generous amount of padding found on the bottom portion of the headband (the area that sits on your head), helps to make this headset easy to take on long rides throughout your workday. 

Great audio and good quality-pick one up.

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