Verizon, Lumen Technologies, Windstream, Liberty Global, and Infinera are among the initial members of the newly-launched Open XR Forum.

Open XR Forum is a consortium of network operators, equipment vendors, and component vendors that is committed to building the foundation for a new generation of coherent optical solutions. This will enable seamless interconnectivity across multiple generations and support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. 

The significant growth in bandwidth driven by 5G, high-speed broadband, and cloud-based services continues to put substantial pressure on network operators to keep up with demand. In response to this, XR optics is the industry’s first coherent optical solution that can solve the challenges faced by network operators caused by the misalignment between network traffic patterns and the technology used to transport that traffic.

XR optics can simplify network architectures, reduce operating costs, and enable dynamic and on-demand capacity allocation while paving the way for a network architecture that is compatible across multiple generations of optical technologies. 

According to various network operator studies, XR optics can provide as much as a 70% reduction in the total cost of ownership.

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