The COVID-19 pandemic has showed us all the importance of digital transformation and the need to shift to a new digital lifestyle. Telecom Review North America is committed to constantly updating its digital platforms.

Today we announce the launch of a new website designed to meet the readers’ expectations in a digitally connected world.

The new website features different sections that highlight all the industry’s latest trends and give an update on the latest developments and announcements happening in the telecom and ICT industry.

Toni Eid, Founder of Telecom Review and CEO of Trace Media has expressed the need to embrace digital transformation now more than ever and explained more why Telecom Review North America decided to launch its new website now.

“Digital transformation has become a necessity nowadays and we had to move forward and embrace change to be able to reach a larger audience and better serve our customers. Telecom Review North America’s new website is very interactive with videos added to give it a new flair. This step proves our digital readiness and shows our customers and readers our commitment to being the leaders, as always.”

Jeff Seal, Managing Partner, Telecom Review North America, confirmed that the ICT media platform is a leader in the industry given its great history in the market and its reputation for providing high quality content.

He said, “Having traveled the world meeting with industry executives I can truly tell you that Telecom Review is, as always, on the front lines bringing the news of our industry to you and delivering your brand to the industry”.

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