MTN GlobalConnect’s initiatives seek to bring the company closer to realizing its purpose of “enabling the benefits of modern, connected life for everyone.” In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, MTN GC’s CEO, Frédéric Schepens, detailed the company’s recent milestones and latest financial results. He explained the challenges and opportunities, the steps being taken to achieve its Ambition 2025 strategy and its distinct workforce culture, among other informative insights.

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Telecom Review recently visited with Dawane Young, Executive Director of Marketing at Verizon to get a feel for some of their dynamic network growth opportunities for 2023. Below are some of our questions for Dwayne, along with his thoughts on their continued growth.

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Quantum Loophole is a disruptor of industry standard data center development. The company’s master-planned data center city development vision uniquely addresses the scalability, connectivity, and cost-efficiency challenges of today’s large-scale deployments.

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Along the sidelines of the 16th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, APTelecom executives, Eric Handa, CEO and co-founder, and Alex Chace, Managing Director of global operations, shed light on the company’s purpose, aspirations and partnerships.

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During the 16th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, Cristina Crucini, Marketing Director, EXA Infrastructure, shared the company’s outlook for 2023, trends that will impact their commercial growth and development and their plans on how to remain a market leader.

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One37 ID enables businesses and consumers to seamlessly exchange reusable, trusted data for travel, telecom and financial services, among many use cases. In an exclusive interview, CEO and Founder Fadwa Mohanna shed light on the company’s innovative vision, the essence of Web3 and the motivation behind having women contribute to today’s digital economy.

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Telecom Review sat down for an exclusive interview with Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO at GBI to learn more about the company’s role during the FIFA World Cup 2022 and how its multilayer terrestrial and subsea cable meshed network bridges the East to the West, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity to end users.

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In an exclusive with Telecom Review North America, Tony Anscombe, chief security evangelist for ESET shed light about the company’s products and how they keep up with the rising cybersecurity demands at present.

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Chris White, president of NEC Labs America, had an in-depth discussion with Telecom Review North America to shed a light on the strategic value and advantage of NEC’s industrial arm over traditional corporate R&D, and how industrial research contributes to pursuing innovative solutions to real-world problems.

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EXA Infrastructure marked its first year in business by unveiling a further strategic investment program that increases the total routes currently under construction to 8,400 kilometers. The commitment will further increase the geographic reach and capacity offered, particularly in central and southern countries, and adds to the 7,000 new kilometers announced just four months ago.

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