When you write a story well, it impacts people, changes opinions, lives and even futures. Since the beginning of my career I've been telling stories with the aim of doing just that. Along the way I've had the opportunity to help shape the organizations I've been a part of. From recruitment, to marketing to development, major investments, strategic planning and executive management, I've crafted messages and visions to bring the organizations to a new place. Leading through innovation, I've increased revenue, numbers of people served, and overall impact of my past management assignments.

Having traveled the world and viewing our industry from multiple cultural perspectives I have truly developed a global understanding of how people view the present, and how they look forward to a new and brighter future.

In 1965, one of the Intel cofounders noticed that the density of transistors on a semiconductor doubles every 18 to 24 months without an increase in costs. That has remained the case for most of the ensuing decades, though some would argue that has slowed of late (it turns out this stuff gets hard to engineer when you’re moving individual atoms around).

It is the reason why computers and phones become cheaper, yet do more; why the Internet holds more information and becomes more pervasive; why software and hardware are said to be the #1 and #2 top-paying industries in the U.S. In other words, Moore’s Law is one of those “cornerstone of the modern world” kind of things.

Creating partnerships, not sponsorships, is how I have grown the corporate development side of every business. Effective stewardship and cultivation of individuals who are committed to the cause helps to diversify input for each project. Leading a team, through building trust and a vision everyone is a part of, builds an organization with no limits to success. My greatest success has been building lasting partnerships with people across the county and seeing the stories I've crafted and told in the past, continue to impact today.

Jeff Seal

Managing Partner

Telecom Review North America

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