When you are reading this you very well may be at PTC in Hawaii gearing up for a great and challenging 2016. Or, you may be on one of the beaches in Hawaii conducting a very important staff meeting! Technology and our world seem to be changing every few months and you can rest assured that Telecom Review will be there every step of the way making sure that you, our readers, are well informed.

The year 2015 was a remarkable year in terms of technology and mobility. As we look to the future, we can expect to witness the emergence of next generation robots, connected cars, the beginnings of artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Our world is rapidly transforming into a scene from a science fiction movie.

The fast spread of mobility around the world has influenced many prominent topics throughout 2015; such as increased data consumption and more smart devices. It has also driven the development of the internet of things (IoT), the notion that everything around us, from our cars, to our mobile devices, to our kitchen appliances,  will be wirelessly connected and controllable, propelling us into an age of unprecedented connectivity.  

Increased mobility has led to the emergence of 4.5G and eventually 5G. Although it isn’t expected to be implemented until 2020, 5G has caused a buzz of excitement because it promises improved coverage, better signal efficiency and data rates of several tens of megabits per second.

Our world is speeding toward connectivity like never before. As Africa, a continent with a billion people, begins to slowly catch up and connect to the rest of the world, it will mean millions more mobile subscriptions and will drive the need for better infrastructure.

Improved cyber-security is also a paramount mobility issue as we adopt smartphone-dependent lifestyles. More and more sensitive information is uploaded to the internet every day, as businesses continue to move to digital platforms. Even though cyber-security is constantly developing, we still hear about many successful cyber attacks.

We look forward to seeing you at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!


Jeff Seal

Managing Partner

Telecom Review North America 

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