The 2015 Telecom Review Leader’s Summit will be on December 13 this year. Leaders from the ICT and Service Provider industry will once again meet in Dubai to discuss new and exciting business. Sponsors such as Google, Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, du, QUALCOMM, Ericsson, PCCW Global, Huawei and many others will be on hand so please be sure and make plans to attend.

This issue is an exciting one as it marks the second year of the MEF GEN 15 gathering. MEF has helped the industry in so many ways by establishing standards that are now used worldwide. This issue has several articles featuring MEF issues and MEF partners. Telecom Review is the Global Media partner for the event and we look forward to seeing you there.

New fiber construction and data center interconnection continue to be a hot topic and we have met with the CEOs of some of the new firms to give Telecom Review readers insight into what is happening in this market. New dark fiber builds are on the rise as you will see in this issue.

Telecom Review has been traveling the world to bring our readers insights into the marketplace. I was in Beijing at the new Rosewood Hotel when I ran into Shang Bing Chairman of China Mobile Communications Corporation. He gave us a great tour of their facilities and congratulated us on the wonderful panel Telecom Review moderated at the recent ITU meeting in Hungary. Telecom Review’s Toni Eid was the moderator for this well attended event, and an overview may be found in this issue.


Jeff Seal

Managing Partner

Editor in Chief

Telecom Review North America

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