These are all buzz words that we all continue to hear, and we are now seeing implemented in our industry. Telecom Review has met with several leaders in these fields recently so you will see many updates in this issue on what is new and being implemented in these fields. Some of the new entrants in these fields have some very exciting new services that everyone will find exciting.

Today’s cloud and data centers are employing higher-speed storage and compute solutions, driving up the need for higher rate Ethernet interfaces. It is not uncommon today to find data centers within a metro or regional network requiring hundreds of gigabits or terabits of bandwidth interconnectivity to carry multiple 10/40/100GbE links over a single fiber pair. Due to the distributed nature of data centers networking within metro regions, stemming from factors such as real-estate constraints, cloud virtualization, and disaster recovery mandates, it is also not uncommon to find a broad range of distances separating these data centers, ranging from a few kilometers to 100-200 kilometers. In addition to supporting the growing fiber capacity needs for data center interconnect and the evolution to higher rate Ethernet interfaces, solutions today must also maintain high performance expectations, such as minimal overall networking latency and jitter as well as high availability.

The need for this capacity/performance/reach combination can easily be found amongst networks supporting mission critical large-scale cloud networking applications, high-performance computing applications, IP storage networking, content-intensive networking, and virtualized data centers.

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