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The Telecom Review Team just returned from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona and it was very well attended! The Telecom Review “Daily E-News” covering the day by day events at MWC was welcomed by our clients & partners, and appreciated by everyone.

No doubt 5G was the leading issue and the talk at MWC. In addition, there were quite a few new product and service launches at the event, so please stay tuned for more in that regard.

Some vendors see this as early for 5G, especially the many countries just now announcing 3G, mainly in Africa and India, and others preparing for 4G introduction in their region.

However, the North American operators in the US and Canada, and South Korea, are very excited about 5G and what this technology can bring to the customers experience and for the sake of our total mobility!

Telecom Review met operators and Vendors from all over the World at MWC, including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. This year we are launching the South American edition, out of Austin Texas, and managed by our Americas Managing partner Jeff Seal.

In the coming editions of Telecom Review, including the print, digital and mobile editions, you will discover many technology updates launched by top tier vendors, and a summary of operator’s activities. Our goal and promise is to be with the Telecom Industry every step along the way.

Toni Eid

International Editor in Chief of Telecom Review editions

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