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The Telecom Review team just returned from the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona where Telecom Review was a media sponsor. That event was a “bee hive” of activity! They had record attendance and the vendors were showcasing many new products and services for our industry.

The advent of over-the-top (OTT) players and the huge surge in data traffic are putting pressure on carriers and service providers to monetize this traffic. The operator landscape is changing! Carriers need to adapt to the new value chains that are being created due to the digitalization of various industries. To realize these objectives, carriers will have to redefine their business models. Some possible strategies could include working with OTT players to provide value-added services to users, and making these offerings more cost-effective by engaging advertisers.

As we all know, service providers need to find new strategies to cope with the rapid traffic growth fuelled by the use of OTT services. Video is a key driver of this growth. Operators need to provide the capacity to meet this demand cost-effectively and find a way to monetize the value these services represent in the ICT ecosystem. In this issue you will read about some of our conversations with the CEOs of some carriers that are not only adapting, but excelling in the world of bandwidth intensive applications and how they can grow their business.

Telecom Review is a media sponsor at the spring Comptel event in Las Vegas and we look forward to seeing you there!


Jeff Seal

Editor in Chief

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