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Over the last 2 years, we have witnessed the focus turning to the next big thing: LTE and the increase of data tra c, and of course the need for increased bandwidth.

And some say that yes, the increase in the number of smartphones users is the main factor for data bandwidth demand. This is one of the reasons, but is there more?

Three years ago, if you were at any event, meeting or conference, think about how many attendees had a smartphone. Perhaps about 30% had one. But if you think about this same question for the current year, the number increases to at least 50%.

Android Deployment! LTE Network Launches!

Now the Android phone deployment is increasing and they are all LTE enabled.

In the USA, over 50% of new mobile sales are smartphones, and with tablets, the number is bigger. In our region, mobile operators are taking the opportunity to get involved and are o ering the full package: the smartphone plus all services. And soon they will o er the Android with a full package, which will de nitely increase the number of Android users, and accordingly the promised bandwidth via an LTE network!

The Cycle Not Complete Yet

So now we have an increase in the use of smartphones, more tablets, more data bandwidth, new income what else is there? We are all aware that the importance of data transfer is the network, in order to avoid the bottle-neck in o oad or upload of data.

Last week, one of the cables connecting the Gulf was in trouble and it a ected the internet in many countries. The operators must be ready for such incidents and have diversi cation for their data transfer and choose their wholesale carrier providers, much in the same way they choose their network vendors.

The need is support for smartphones, LTE and ber, to ensure that our data termination is going fast to the end with a variety of whole carriers.

Last week, I was at CTIA in Orlando, Florida, and during one of the meetings with an important wholesale carrier, they claimed that the needs of operators are changing from carrying data from one region to others, and want a state-wide and nationwide connection, nally with termination in Europe and Asia!

We should not underestimate the importance of this point; carrying our data outside the country and the region is as important now as the deployment of a fast, reliable network. 

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