Fiber is an essential and highly valuable asset that forms the foundation of all high-speed broadband access and transport networks. The fiber infrastructure market is becoming highly focused and specialized. Companies have been either building their own dedicated networks or benefiting from CSPs who spin off or structurally separate their fiber business to increase agility, efficiency and profitability. These new entities, branded NetCos, InfraCos or FiberCos, aim to deliver open, ultra-reliable and high-performance fiber networks designed to attract more customers and partners across diverse industry segments.

To support this high growth business, fiber NetCos need a modern, lean business and operational solution to maximize automation and cost efficiency with new ways to manage and monetize wholesale customers.

Netcracker Fiber Cloud Solution comprises an optimized set of out-of-the-box BSS/OSS capabilities to address the specific needs of implementing, managing and expanding the fiber infrastructure business. The solution is highly modular and can grow as the business grows, focused on ROI-based delivery. All business processes are fully automated, from the service order to infrastructure management and assurance, and the solution incorporates wholesale-centric BSS to drive expansion with new customers and partnerships.

Netco Solution

Netcracker eliminates the time, cost and complexity barriers of launching modern fiber operations with its pre-integration solution, vendor agnostic approach and flexible commercial models. All solution components are based on cloud-native technology that can be deployed on any cloud platform, and fully compliant with standards including TM Forum Open APIs and ODA framework.

Netcracker Fiber Cloud Solution helps fiber NetCos to navigate the highly dynamic digital market landscape in their journey to gain financial advantages, greater efficiency, and a differentiated market position.

Accelerate Market Entry with an Optimized Solution

  • Modern out-of-the-box BSS/OSS capabilities specific to fiber infrastructure deployment and ongoing operations
  • Pre-configured solution with out-of-the box components requiring no customization
  • Cloud-native, microservices-based architecture enabling flexible deployment models on any cloud platform with agile delivery
  • Strategic partnerships and full integration with all leading public cloud providers

Enable Business and Operational Efficiency with Automation

  • Flow-through hyper-automation across all business and operational processes from planning and design to lead-to-order, order-to-cash and problem-to-resolution
  • Streamlined integration with customers and partners for seamless service management
  • Coordinated management of fiber rollout from high-level design to on-site workforce management
  • Single Point of Truth for infrastructure management across all layers, domains and vendors
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