During a keynote of the Dell Technologies’ summit, chairman and CEO Michael Dell stated that multi-cloud is the next phase of cloud innovation. This phenomenon is maximized with the introduction of new telecom software, solutions, and services to help communications service providers (CSPs) accelerate their open, cloud-native network deployments and create new revenue opportunities at the edge.

The company also aims to play a key role in the global rollout of 5G networks, particularly with the shift toward Open RAN. Both in the US and Europe regions, Dell has already secured deals to help DISH, Vodafone, and Orange build 5G networks with this new technology.

To support the massive growth of data expected from 5G applications and services, CSPs are moving to edge computing and looking to integrate a broad ecosystem of software vendors to capture new revenue opportunities. New technologies like Open RAN are giving CSPs a broader set of options for deploying network infrastructure to support future growth. However, this trend is leading to a large, geographically distributed, open compute deployment that can be difficult to deploy and manage.

"As server technology proliferates through increasingly open telecom networks, the industry sees an immediate and growing need for remote lifecycle management of a highly distributed compute fabric," said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business. "Bare Metal Orchestrator gives communication services providers an easier way to deploy and manage open network infrastructure while saving costs and time, allowing them to focus on delivering new and differentiated services to their customers."

Introducing new Dell Technologies software that modernizes network deployment and management, Dell Technologies Bare Metal Orchestrator telecom software offers the breadth and scale to automate the deployment and management of hundreds of thousands of servers across geographic locations to support ORAN and 5G deployments.

With declarative automation, Bare Metal Orchestrator tells the targeted server what to do, so that tasks and workflows – such as deploying software stacks and workloads – can be completed quickly and efficiently without human intervention.

With Bare Metal Orchestrator, set to be available globally in November 2021, CSPs can eliminate days or weeks of configuration and provisioning to bring network hardware into a workload-ready state. This reduces the time it takes for an open network to deliver differentiated, profitable services at scale.

Solutions like Bare Metal Orchestrator allow telcos like T-Mobile to prepare for the future of 5G mobility and edge. “We at T-Mobile have been closely collaborating with Dell Technologies to develop a product that allows engineers to drastically reduce the time spent managing thousands of servers across hundreds of sites," said Quaid Campbell, director, network engineering cloud services, T-Mobile. In this way, telcos can keep their focus on building out new strategic services, automating server provisioning and management tasks to software systems instead of engineers."

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