Mavenir has developed a unique AI-on-5G hyper-converged-edge solution, in close collaboration with NVIDIA.

“Working with Mavenir, the power of AI-on-5G will soon be evident in a variety of industries,” said Ronnie Vasishta, NVIDIA's senior vice president of telecoms. "The security and low latency of 5G, combined with the computing power of AI, will change entire industries and increase productivity around the world."

Mavenir’s unique solution enables enterprises and telecommunications providers to implement AI-on-5G applications for many promising vertical industries such as manufacturing, mining, healthcare, and Industry 4.0 applications particularly on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), Extended Reality (XR), and gaming. 

Mavenir's Edge AI solution enables industry-specific use cases and helps companies benefit from the interaction of 5G and AI. Use cases can be in the areas of remote and immersive collaboration, precision robot control, personal security, intrusion detection, intelligent networked factories, real-time detection of defects in manufacturing components, and proactive maintenance using real-time analysis of sensor data.

Furthermore, this can be used by CSPs to expand their mobile edge cloud offering. Mavenir offers its corporate customers’ differentiated services and its network service users extended revenue-increasing services such as gaming. This fully automatic, dynamically scalable solution is also offered as a managed service for the provision of private networks by companies.

The solution also features NVIDIA's highly flexible, low-power, general-purpose graphics processors (GPUs) with a sophisticated coding platform using NVIDIA CUDA and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) data processing units (DPUs). This supports the efficient outsourcing of all computationally intensive processing applications from the CPU to inline processing in the GPUs and DPUs, which enables flexible programming and updating while at the same time minimizing maintenance costs and energy consumption.

“Mavenir operates its market-leading 5G stack on standard servers with GPUs, DPUs, and associated software modules from NVIDIA and extends the solution by integrating algorithms for artificial intelligence and machine learning that run on the same hardware and platform. This unique hyper-convergence between the 5G stack and AI applications paves the way for the most important promises of Industry 4.0 and 5G, ”says Kuntal Chowdhury, SVP & GM for the AI ​​& Analytics Business Unit at Mavenir. "For Industry 4.0 and 5G, an innovative edge solution is required that processes data almost in real-time and supports large operator bandwidths in order to enable high data rates and low latency times with low power consumption and high-cost efficiency at the same time."

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