DISH Networks Loans Wireless Spectrum to AT&T Wireless Print
Tuesday, 24 March 2020 11:23

DISH is providing 20 MHz of AWS-4 (Band 66) and all of its 700 MHz spectrum to AT&T at no cost for 60 days. Last week, DISH began lending its complete 600 MHz portfolio of spectrum to T-Mobile. With these two agreements, DISH has activated most of its spectrum portfolio to enhance national wireless capacity as the nation confronts the COVID-19 crisis.

DISH CEO Charlie Ergen has been gathering spectrum ownership over the last several years with the intention of someday being in the wireless business. This could be his beginning!

"DISH is proud to join forces with AT&T to achieve a common, critical goal: supporting the connectivity needs of Americans during this challenging time," said Jeff Blum, DISH SVP of public policy and government affairs. "Enhancing our nation's wireless networks helps give Americans the bandwidth they need to work, learn, and check-in on loved ones, and is especially crucial for those customers without access to other sources of broadband."

DISH also has “loaned spectrum to Verizon and TMobile to handle surges in wireless traffic from the last few weeks.