Sprint Expands Global Reach with Creation of New Ventures Organization Print
Monday, 27 February 2012 15:44

Looking for innovative ways to share the success of its existing mobile platforms and services, Sprint has created a New Ventures organization to focus on opportunities and new solutions with successful open ecosystems platforms to the wholesale and global marketplace.


In the spirit of Sprint’s continued commitment to an “open” mobile ecosystem, the group today unveiled open platforms Mobile ID and Mobile Zone, which are white-labeled variations of the popular Sprint ID and Sprint Zone applications. These platforms enable Sprint’s International and Wholesale customers to replicate Sprint’s success with the retail versions of the same services – driving enhanced customer engagement and revenue growth opportunities.

The New Ventures goal is to deliver new business models and emerging opportunities that tap into the growth of the Android platform and the popularity of new applications and premium services to both drive revenue and increase overall customer satisfaction.

“New Ventures, in partnership with Sprint’s Product, Marketing and International teams, intends to help international carriers, OEM’s and other partners improve efficiency, cut costs and drive revenue, while improving customer experience and satisfaction,” said Mike Cooley, vice president, New Ventures - Sprint. “Sprint’s Mobile ID and Mobile Zone platforms are just the beginning of the introduction of new capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and deepen consumer engagement with our partners, while encouraging consumers to purchase and interact with content and associate with brands.”

·         Mobile ID – Mobile ID delivers a complete mobile experience – centered on consumers’, students’ or businesses’ interests or favorite brands – including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers, all in a couple of simple clicks. With more than six million downloads in the U.S., Sprint smartphone users have already begun to harness the power of ID packs to create their own experiences while catering to different tastes and hobbies. Mobile ID enables personalization for the end user that offers access to a broad array of categories, allowing carriers around the world to deliver a successful customized application to defined markets and customer segments.

·         Mobile Zone – Mobile Zone provides a messaging gateway for customers to access account information, learn about their device and discover new applications. Mobile Zone can enhance the user experience while improving carrier-to-customer interaction. An interactive and relevant mobile application, Mobile Zone allows users who are always on-the-go a way to manage their account and discover new content anywhere and at any time with news, suggestions, tips and tricks to getting the most out of their wireless service.